Group Timetable

With Summer sneaking up on us, we have put together some 30 minute group sessions designed to target body parts to the MAX!
These sessions commence October 21st and will run through to Christmas!
Cost - $300 for 10 sessions, or direct debit $100 a week for 12 weeks for up to 4 sessions a week!

Leg & Butt Blaster - An ALL FEMALE group targeting the rear end!!
Tummy Tone Up - Flatten and tone your stomach and waist.
Beach Body For Her - A full body hard and fast circuit style class designed to make you sweat!
Baby Body Bootiful - A softer full body group designed for new mums wanting to work their way back to fitness
Booty Camp - A fun outdoor group for men and women

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

L&B Blast
Beach Body
 Baby Body
 6.00pm Tummy  L&B Blast
 6.30pm L&B Blast
  Beach Body
 7.00pm Beach Body
Bookings are essential as group numbers are strictly limited.
These groups are ALL FEMALE unless otherwise specified.

We are waiting on dates for core Pilates, booty camp and boxercise...