EpigenX Intergrated Medicine

BOTOX and JUVEDERM procedures are with a registered Cosmetic Physician - Dr.Eugene Green.

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax muscles that cause wrinkles.

Anti wrinkle injections can be used on the following areas:

• Frown Lines
Smile lines (crows feet)
• Forehead lines
• Jaw line (to soften “squared” faces)
• Lift or drop eyebrows
• Remove “gummy smile”
• Lift saggy jowls
• Reduce teeth grinding

Your treatment will start working within 2-3 days, with full effect normally at 2 weeks. Results last 3-6 months in most cases. 


A safe and effective, surgery free solutions for body contouring and firming. By combining TriPollar Technology and TriLipo Technology, Melanie can get rid of unwanted fat and treat those ‘trouble’ spots.

In a simple ‘walk-in walk-out’ procedure you can enjoy advanced body contouring and firming. Results are usually visible from the very first treatment.

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